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Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators work in pairs to support children at Attleborough Primary School who have had a falling out, are feeling sad or who need some support with finding children to play with.

Peer Mediators learn the skills to help them to support children by:


  • Giving all children a chance to tell their side of the story
  • Giving them the opportunity to find a solution to their problems which everyone accepts and thinks is fair.
  • Following the 4 R’s; respect, responsibility, repair and resolve.


The Peer Mediation Process:


All year 6 pupils are offered the chance to apply to become a Peer Mediator. In their application, they are given two friendship scenarios and are asked to write about how they would deal with them. Miss Skinner (PSHE leader) then selects who she feels would make a good peer mediator.

The children receive training on how to be a good peer mediator by learning about:

  1. Agreeing to mediate
  2. Gathering points of view
  3. Focusing on interests
  4. Discussing a solution
  5. Evaluating options
  6. Creating an agreement

Peer mediators have to be prepared to give up some of their playtimes every week and attend a meeting every 2 weeks.