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Our Staff



Headteacher: Mrs Long

Deputy Headteachers: Mrs Barker & Mr Copland

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Faulkner

SENCO: Mrs Barker 



Dragonfly Class: Mrs Wisken - EYFS Leader & Reception Class Teacher

Caterpiller Class: Miss Skinner - Reception Class Teacher


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Barton, Mrs Painter and Mrs Rudrum


Year 1

Hedgehog Class: Mrs Coppard

Red Squirrel Class: Mrs Banks and Mrs Tuvey


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Brown and Mrs Todd


Year 2

Ladybird Class: Mrs Bartrum

Bumblebee Class: Mrs Shingfield


Teaching Assistants: Miss Sunderland and Mrs Wright


Year 3

Barn Owl: Class: Mrs Faulkner

Fox Class: Mrs Barker and Mrs Thelwell


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Myers and Mrs Ramsbottom


Year 4

Kingfisher Class: Mrs McDaniel

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ball


Year 5

Badger Class: Miss Martin

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Gardiner


Year 6

Heron Class: Mrs Williams and Mrs Tovell

Seal Class: Mr Green


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Pettifer & Mrs Sunderland


Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Webb


Parent Support Worker/Pastoral: Mrs Stringer


Midday Supervisory Assistants: Mrs Birch, Mrs Ede,  Mrs Folkard-Moore

                                                  Mrs Phillips, Mrs Ramsbotham, Mrs Sudial, Mrs Wilder & Mrs Wing


School Secretary/Finance: Mrs Willingham

Resource Assistant: Mrs Allen

Clerical Assistant: Mrs Touchin

Caretaker: Mrs Gracey

Cleaners: Mrs Ball, Mrs Botcher and Miss Buckle