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If the school is closed due to the Coronavirus we will be setting homework on this page.

Children's Work - in the event of closure due to the coronavirus, the school will aim to produce schoolwork for children to complete. Teachers will spend the first full day of the school closure preparing and developing work to post on the school website.

Work will be added over the isolation period to ensure that children are kept busy and to continue learning.

Children will be asked to complete the following activities daily:

  • Spellings
  • Reading
  • Times tables


In addition to the above tasks, a variety of activities/challenges will be set for different year groups based on learning already completed (consolidation) or current learning. There may include:

  • Short burst writing activities
  • ICT based learning including watching videos etc
  • Practical activities - baking cakes, making biscuits etc
  • Maths activities eg. Abacus
  • Reading comprehension


We are aware that most families do not have printers so will try to ensure that all activities can be viewed on screen rather than the need to print out. In the event of school closure we will inform you how to return your children's completed work. 


A suggested timetable may look like the following:

Day 1 - school closure at end of school day

Day 2 - Teachers prepare work for pupils

Day 3 - Activities uploaded to school website and available for children to complete

Day 4 - Activities uploaded to school website

Day 5 - Activities uploaded to school website

Day 6 - Activities uploaded to school website