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Supporting your child's learning at home

May 2018  - Spelling Focus

This term we are focusing on spellings at Attleborough Primary School and we have included some documents that might be useful to help you support your child with learning their spellings.  The Spelling for parents document is a copy of a presentation that Mrs Matthews put together for the recent Spelling Cafe which outlines the way that spelling is taught throughout the school.  It also includes some useful links to online games that children can use to support them in this area.  The Spelling Menu has gone out with homework for this term, but includes some creative ways to support your child to learn their weekly spellings.  The Mnemoics document includes some memorable and silly ways to help children with more tricky spellings and a parent leaflet to help give you other ideas to help with spelling.

If you would like hard copies of these documents, please contact Mrs Matthews who will be happy to help.